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Lelena Lucas


Translated by Sabela Guy


take the what-was

along for a walk

tied to our feet

just as nutters do

with their belongings

we drag with it


and songs from our windows

news of the dead

and the dead-still-living


oblivious to their fragile


we bear the cruel

and their bizarre bursts of sound

their savage tongue

and we are stronger

ready to fight them

we carry some of them

already weakened to their downfall

the shadows are

terrifyingly more visible

and if we no longer know how to hold one another

they will teach us as they touch

before us

where the new lights crisscross

across the room

along the streets that we return to

step by step

on the walls

because the walls are

where they always were

and since we haven't forgotten

how to sing and to dance

that's what we'll do

as we tear them down

or paint them in colours new

Let's go


Lelena Lucas was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She's a visual artist, a writer, a choreographer, and manages the dancing school Corpo Escola de Dança.

Sabela Guy studied French and Portuguese and is currently doing a Master’s in History of Art. Her particular interests lie in poetry, photographic literature and the French Impressionist period.

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